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Education and Training

As part of the Care Home Support Service you have access to a number of bespoke education and training sesssions.

Education and training sesssions will cover topics requested by individual care homes. Talk to your named EOLP contact for more details.

Our regular forums are also an opportunity for discussing anything related to the project.

Additionally, EOLP have a wide range of other sessions funded for you, take a look here.

Education and Training

Activity Coordinators: Identifying and supporting residents with depression

What depression is (and isn’t), and how to recognise it within residents.

Advance Care Planning

Develop the knowledge and skills to feel comfortable and confident talking to people about Advance Care Planning.

Blue Booklet and Anticipatory Prescribing

Practical use of the Blue Booklet document.

Care and Communication Record and Anticipatory Prescribing

Practical use of the Care and Communication document.

Communication Skills

Courses to equip you to feel confident and competent dealing with communication challenges.

Download the flyer here.


Our Advanced Dementia Support Team can help you develop and enhance skills on how to supporting people with dementia at the end of life.

End of Life Care Study Day for Registered Nurses working in Care Homes

Happy disabled man in wheelchair

Key Elements of Palliative Care

Introduction for HCA level staff who are looking after palliative & end of life residents.

The programme consists of 7 half day sessions, attendance on all dates is necessary. 

Recognising the Last 12 months of Life & Supportive Care Record Training

Suitable for any Care Home Staff.


Leadership development for professionals who work in palliative and/or end of life care.

Six Steps

The programme aims at improving end of life care provided by a care home or a domiciliary care organisation.

Syringe Pump

How to use, operate and manage syringe pumps (McKinley T34 Versions 2 & 3 and the BodyGuard T).

Verification of Expected Death

Theory, supporting documents and the physical examination of the patient that enables the Registered Nurse to Verify Expected Death.

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Meet the Team



Local Contacts

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