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Caring for people as they near the end of life is a huge responsibility.  And making sure that care is personalised and compassionate and reflects a person’s wishes can be hard.  It can also be hard to make time to care for yourself.

At EOLP we aim to ease that experience and improve the quality of care for people as they approach the end of life and also to support the people caring for them.   Last year we helped almost 10,000 people in Cheshire.  This year, perhaps we can help you.

Our Public Health team works at the heart of local communities. We provide resources and courses to help with end of life planning and coping with bereavement. We also support carers, volunteers and whole communities to care together, with confidence.

Whether you need help to plan for the future, cope with bereavement or connect with people who understand what you are going through, you will find what you need below.

Do you care for someone with advanced dementia?

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Crafting Memories Sessions

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Advanced Dementia Support Team

Consultancy to professionals or family carers.

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Download our “All About Me” booklet here.

All About Me: My past, present and future

Our plans and wishes are more likely to be carried out if we write things down and keep it all in one place. We hope that this booklet will give you peace of mind that your affairs are in order and allow your family & friends to know your future wishes.

Keeping information in one place will help make things easier for you and your family should you be unable to express wishes in the future. It may also make decisions easier for family and friends following your death. It is important that we do this because our plans and wishes are more likely to be carried out if we write things down.

Are you a Carer for someone at end of life?

Caring for someone at the end of their life in either a family or friend capacity can be difficult and exhausting.

We offer a variety of sessions that will help you to gain an understanding on what happens at end of life, how carers can support their loved one or how you can support carers through their experience.

Visit our resource section here for information about death, loss and grief and support available within Cheshire.

Loss, grief and bereavement

Grief is a normal, natural response to loss and bereavement that everyone will experience at some point in their life. Many of us however, have a very limited understanding of how grief can affect our feelings, thoughts, behaviours and physical health.

Our sessions (found here) aim to give volunteers and staff within support organisations, a better understanding of the types of grief and how to look after yourself and others.

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Case Studies

Case Study

In 2021, EOLP were invited to partner with the IAPT  (Improved Access to Psychological Therapies) part of the NHS Talking Therapies team, to deliver our “An Introduction to supporting loss, grief and bereavement” session to their staff.

The staff often come into contact with people who are bereaved and it was felt this course would help them in their work.

We delivered two online sessions to 16 staff from the IAPT team over two weeks. The one hour sessions provided staff with a better understanding of loss, bereavement, grief and mourning and how grief can affect our feelings, thoughts, behaviours and physical health.  As well as offering advice and tips on how to support someone through their grief.

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