What is a Schwartz Round?

Schwartz Rounds provide a structured forum where all staff, clinical and non-clinical, can come together to discuss the emotional and social aspects of working in healthcare. They’re not about problem solving, they’re about understanding and reflecting on the emotional impacts of the work we do.

Schwartz Rounds help us to understand the challenges and rewards in providing care, whilst increasing insight and appreciation for each other’s roles.

This facility is being offered to staff members, both clinical and non-clinical, working in Cheshire organisations. Rounds are currently being held via Microsoft Teams.

Watch this short video by The Point of Care Foundation which features professionals involved in the running of Schwartz Rounds talking about what they bring to their organisation.

We are seeking storytellers.

If you would like to share a story please get in touch via email to info@eolp.org.uk.

An Introduction to Schwartz Rounds

What are the benefits of participating in a Schwartz Round?

They can help people feel more supported in their jobs, to give them the time and space to reflect on their roles. Evidence shows that staff who attend Rounds feel less stressed and isolated, with increased insight and appreciation for each other’s roles.

Staff who feel supported in their work, who feel compassion from their workplace, are in a better place to provide compassionate care to the people they look after, which can make a huge difference to people’s experience.

They also help to reduce hierarchies between staff and to focus attention on relational aspects of care.

      How do Schwartz Rounds work?

      Rounds consist of a facilitated panel discussion to an audience. The panel comprises two or three people who share their experiences after which a trained facilitator leads an open discussion asking participants to share their thoughts and reflections on the stories.

      Rounds may be based on a particular theme and work best when there is a mix of people from different levels and backgrounds.

      How do I attend?

      Schwartz Rounds are currently being held via Microsoft Teams. To find out more, including how to book to attend a Round email info@eolp.org.uk

      If you have an experience in your working life that had an emotional impact and you would like to share, please get in touch with one of our trained facilitators, who will listen your story and support you in your preparation to share it with others.

      Do you have a story to tell?

      Think of a story from work that you would be willing to share in a Round:

      • What happened?
      • Why does this stick in your mind?
      • How did it effect you?
      • How did it make you feel?

      If you would like to discuss sharing your story at a future Schwartz Round please email info@eolp.org.uk to get in touch with a trained facilitator.

        Why is EOLP delivering Schwartz Rounds?

        Schwartz Rounds are being rolled out across Cheshire and EOLP are helping to deliver some locally.

        Schwartz Rounds have proven benefits for staff mental health and wellbeing and patient care. They also help to promote greater understanding and empathy among colleagues supporting greater collaborative working and the Partnership wants all colleagues to have the opportunity to benefit from this.

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