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We have included a whole host of resources for you to access below. Have a look through, if there is something additional you’d like to see – let us know.

We will be constantly updating and adding further items on these pages.

Download our Care Home Support Service leaflet here.

Please contact your local Facilitator if you have any questions or comments. Contact details for local Facilitators are available via Meet the Team.

For professionals looking for resources around end of life care.

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Care Home Urgent Community Response

Central Cheshire


East Cheshire

Activity Coordinators Resources

Useful links, resources and information for your role.

Advance Care Planning

Develop your knowledge and skills to feel comfortable and confident talking to people about Advance Care Planning.

Symptom Control Prescription Drugs and Administration Record (Blue Booklet) and Anticipatory Prescribing – East Cheshire, South Cheshire and Vale Royal Areas Only

Develop your confidence in using this and the Symptom Management within.

Care and Communication Record and Anticipatory Prescribing West Cheshire Only

Develop your confidence in using this and the Symptom Management within.

Communication Skills

Courses to equip you to feel confident and competent dealing with communication challenges.

Image of disabled woman in wheelchair receiving comfort from carer


Developing your skills and knowledge in how to support people affected by Dementia.


Leadership development for professionals working within care homes.

Loss, Grief and Bereavement

Helping you to support those affected by Loss, Grief and Bereavement.

Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes team

(MOCH) Support care homes in all aspects of medicines management.

Mouth Care

Practical information on supporting residents with mouth care.

Recognising the Last 12-Months of Life and Supportive Care Records

Building your knowledge on the use of supportive care records and identifying those who maybe in the last 12 months of life.

Six Steps

The programme aims to improve end of life care provided by a care home or residential care setting.

Staff Wellbeing

Useful websites, apps and resources to support you with maintaining your wellbeing and accessing support during challenging and difficult times

Happy nurse

Symptom Management

Guidance on a variety of symptoms associated with end of life care including nausea, breathlessness and pain.

Syringe Pump

How to use, operate and manage syringe pumps (McKinley T34 Versions 2 & 3 and the BodyGuard T).

Verification of Expected Death

Theory, supporting documents and the physical examination of the patient that enables the Registered Nurse to Verify Expected Death.

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Meet the Team



Local Contacts

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