Personalised Care Plan

The Macmillan electronic Holistic Needs Assessment (eHNA) provides a framework for you to start a conversation with your client to identify and address their concerns in a structured way.

Included is information on the project, lung and haematology treatments & patient journeys and how to use the eHNA platform.

You will also find referal documents, patient leaflets and other resources for communicating with clients.

Please contact if you have questions or comments.

Education Session

Friday 9 September 2022

(13:30 – 16:30)

Managing Fatigue
Feedback and problem solving

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Forms and leaflets

HNA Concerns Checklist

The Holistic Needs Assessment checklist.

Patient Leaflet

This leaflet explains how Holistic Needs Assessment may benefit people after treatment for cancer.

Referral Form for MCHFT

For MCHFT staff to refer patients to community for Personalised Care Planning.

Patient Letter for SPLW

Letter to send to patients who have not responded to initial approach to complete Concerns Checklist / create a Personalised Care Plan.

Prompts for initial call with patient for SPLW

A suggested script when initially talking to patients.

Useful Information

Social Prescribers List

List of GP practices and the associated Social Prescribing Link Worker.

Summary of processes

Description of;

  • Making and managing referrals
  • Setting up, delivering and recording eHNA
  • Requesting and collecting patient feedback

How to use eHNA Platform

A resource from MacMillan.

List of Participating Practices

A list of all the GP practices participating in the project.


What is Cancer video

Discussion video around “What is Cancer” with Mary Buttle and Dr Sarah De Coninck

Cancer Treatments video

Discussion video on “Cancer Treatments” with Mary Buttle and Dr Sarah De Coninck

Lung Team at MCHFT video

Discussion video on the work and roles of the Lung Team at Leighton Hospital with Catherine Morgan-Jones and Jo Wilson

Haematology Team at MCHFT video

Discussion video on the work and roles of the Haematology Team at Leighton Hospital with Catherine Morgan-Jones, Maggie Taylor and Ann Kennedy

Steering Group

Steering Group Terms of Reference

Terms of reference for the Personalised Care Planning in the Community project.

Notes from Steering Group 17-3-22

Notes from Steering Group 9-12-21

Notes from Steering Group 21-10-21


Macmillan Prospectus

Macmillan Guide to Services

A guide to Macmillan’s cancer support services

Useful Links

What is a Holistic Needs Assessment: Macmillan Cancer Support.


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