Looking to strengthen your leadership style, improve your team’s performance, bring out the best in a tricky colleague, or to build yourself a supportive career network within the end of life and palliative care sector, this is the course for you.

Devised and delivered by award winning Business and Coaching Psychologist, Rachael Lewis, in conjunction with EOLP’s experienced clinicians and educators, this course is like no other.

High energy.  High impact.  Award winning.

If you send your aspiring leaders on any course this year, make it this one.

The five day modular course takes place over four months, with learning modules, a work based project and facilitated learning sets. Modules include:


Challenging Performance

  • Gain and understanding the real performance issues you face
  • Remind you how to set clear goals and expectations
  • Practice some tools for delivering feedback
  • Learn how to prepare for difficult performance conversations

Delegating Effectively

  • Learn why we find it difficult to delegate
  • What should we be delegating
  • How to delegate effectively

Motivating and Developing Others

  • Learn why we find it difficult to motivate and develop others
  • The benefits of motivating and developing others
  • How to hold coaching conversations

Keeping Resilient

  • Learn about resilience
  • How to keep yourself resilient
  • How to build a resilient team

Learners will also have support from facilitators in the form of Learning Sets and individual tutorials

If you would like to talk to someone about this course please call Annamarie on 01270 310260.

Register your interest via info@eolp.org.uk

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