Six Steps Wales

The Six Steps programme has been aligned with the Care Quality Commission for England and thus links to the core questions and the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs); this is reflected specifically within some of the documents, such as the portfolio and the organisational audit.

Wales has a different inspection framework (Care Inspectorate Wales), so all documents have been reviewed and aligned to the ‘Lines of Enquiry’ (LOEs) where appropriate by a team lead by Theresa Richards. The following documents should be used to substitute the ones in the general programme. Any other documents are suitable for use regardless of whether the programme is being run in England or Wales.

For care homes in Wales who have an interest in the programme, you can contact Fran Jones ( for specific information as well as making an enquiry via the Six Steps website.

Full facilitators guide
A full guide to support facilitators to run and support the programme. Download: Full facilitators guide
The Recruitment Process
Registration form
A form that is given to care homes to register their interest for the programme. Download: Registration form
Participation criteria
A document that outlines the minimum participation criteria and can be signed by each party before joining the programme. Facilitators can add local criteria if required. Download: Participation criteria form
Stepping On
Portfolio guidance for care homes
A guide for the care home portfolio of evidence. Download: Portfolio guidance template for care homes
Portfolio guidance and checklist for facilitators
A guide for the facilitator in assessing the care home portfolio of evidence. Download: Portfolio guidance and checklist for facilitators
Where are we now?
A mapping activity to help both the care home and the facilitator to gain an understanding of the current position of the care home and their strengths and areas for development (gaps). Download: Where are we now?
Organisational programme audit - WORD
Allows the care home to capture data that will monitor changes within the care homes prior to starting and on completion of the Six Steps Programme. Download: Organisational programme audit - WORD


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