Care in the Last Days of Life

Aim: It is recognised the resident is entering the last days of life and best practice is provided


  • Identify the five priorities for care of the dying person
  • Recognise the point where the resident enters the dying phase
  • Be able to care for the resident in the final days
  • Recognise appropriate and inappropriate care pathways
  • Know how to care for the people important to them, staff and other residents with dignity when a resident enters the dying phase
Joint and shared resources
Attendance register
A register that can be used at any events and workshops. Download: Attendance Register v2
Evaluation form
Provides feedback to the facilitators, which will help continually develop and improve the delivery of the programme. Download: Evaluation form v2
Six Steps Organisational Programme Resources
PowerPoint presentation
A sample presentation that can be adapted for Step 5 workshop. Download: Step 5 PowerPoint presentation v5
One Chance to Get It Right
A Leadership Alliance document setting out the approach to caring for dying people that Health and Care Organisations should adopt. Download: One Chance to Get it Right v2014
One Chance to Get It Right: one year on report
An overview of progress on commitments made in One Chance to Get it Right: the system-wide response to the Independent Review of the Liverpool Care Pathway. Download: One Chance - One Year On Report v2015
What to expect when someone important to you is dying
A guide for carers, families and friends of dying people – The National Council for Palliative Care. Download: What to expect when someone important to you is dying a guide for carers families and friends v2015
Identifying dying
Recognising where death is imminent – The Irish Hospice Foundation. Download: Identifying Dying
Identifying dying in a person with dementia
Recognising when someone is reaching the end of their life – Alzheimer’s Society. Website
999 poster
Gives guidance on what points to consider when calling an ambulance. Download: 999 Poster vAug 2022
Last Days of Life Medicines Authorisation & Administration Booklet
This is the booklet for the authorisation and administration of last days of life medicines ONLY IN USE IN GREATER MANCHESTER AND EASTERN CHESHIRE STRATEGIC CLINICAL NETWORKS AND IS PROVIDED AS AN EXAMPLE. This document must only be used when the patient has been assessed and they are considered to be in their last days of life. Anticipatory medication should only be initiated after assessment of the patient and their individual symptoms in the last days of life. Download: GMEC SCN Last days of life medication authorisation booklet v2018
North West Model good practice guide
Provides guidance on best practice in end of life care. Download: North West End of Life Care Good Practice Guide
Step 5 to do list
Checklist of actions to be completed before the next workshop. Download: Step 5 to do list v2
Six Steps to Learning Resources
Recognising the deterioration/dying phase - Marie Curie information for healthcare professionals
Priorities for care of the dying person with prompts for staff. Website
Care after death
A guide to care after death, including personal care after death and ongoing support of the family. Download: Care After Death vJuly 2022
Duties and responsibilities of health and care staff
Priorities for Care of the Dying Person with Prompts for Staff. Download: Duties and Responsibilities of Health and Care Staff v2014
Frailty case study
A learning aid providing a case study around a frail elderly patient to consider anticipatory prescribing. Download: Brian - a case study with frailty v3
Support sheet - What to do when someone dies
Information on what to do following a death. Download: Support Sheet - What to do when someone dies v2
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