Co-ordination of Care

Aim: The care home is able to ensure that coordinated care takes place


  • Be proactive in the promotion of collaborative working
  • Recognise the importance of sharing information with the wider multidisciplinary team
  • Staff are able to deal with situations with challenging communication issues
  • Define and implement the role of the end of life care champion
  • To have a system in place to reflect on any significant events that have occurred
Joint and shared resources
Attendance register
A register that can be used at any events and workshops. Download: Attendance Register
Evaluation form
Provides feedback to the facilitators, which will help continually develop and improve the delivery of the programme. Download: Evaluation form
Six Steps Organisational Programme Resources
PowerPoint Presentation
A sample presentation that can be adapted for Step 3 workshop. Download: Step 3 PowerPoint presentation v3 2021
Support Sheet - Key contacts
A template to collect information about key contacts. Download: Support Sheet - Key Contacts
Support Sheet - Supportive care
A flow chart for supportive care (care home/sheltered housing). Download: Support Sheet - Supportive Care
Role of the key worker
Guidance on the role of the key worker in relation to stages of end of live care on the North West End of Life Care Model. Download: Role of the Key Worker
Supportive Care Record
A record for the care home to record and monitor patient care. Download: Supportive Care Record
End of life care review sheet
Useful guidance to providing good end of life care (updated June 2021 to align with North West Model for Life Limiting Conditions). Download: End of Life Care review sheet
Quick guide to conducting a Significant Event Analysis
Summarises the seven stages of significant event analysis (NHS Education for Scotland). Download: Quick guide to conducting a Significant Event Analysis
Significant Event Analysis template
Provides a template to record a Significant Event. Download: Significant Event Analysis Template
Step 3 to do list
Checklist of actions to be completed before the next workshop. Download: Step-3-to-do-list.doc
Six Steps to Learning Resources
Liz - An interactive discussion of challenging communications (A set of four videos)
A learning aid providing a case study around a giving of significant information situation where a nurse has to tell a resident’s daughter that he is dying. Download: Interactive discussion of challenging communications videos
Worksheet ST3.1
Worksheet to consider what does the role of end of life champion mean to me? Download: Worksheet-ST3.1.docx
Worksheet ST3.2
Worksheet about taking part in an Significant Event Analysis. Download: Worksheet-ST3.2.docx
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