Care After Death

Aim: Provide excellent support and care after death


  • Identify good practice for care of the deceased resident
  • Respect individual faiths and beliefs to address an individual’s wishes
  • Be able to provide information to families, significant others, staff and other residents
  • Recognise the importance of, and offer, bereavement support to families, significant others, staff and other residents
Joint and shared resources
Attendance register
A register that can be used at any events and workshops Download: Attendance Register v2
Evaluation form
Provides feedback to the facilitators, which will help continually develop and improve the delivery of the programme Download: Evaluation form v2
Six Steps Organisational Programme Resources
PowerPoint presentation
A sample presentation that can be adapted for Step 6 workshop. Download: Step 6 PowerPoint presentation v4
Registered Nurse Verification of Expected Adult Death (RNVoEAD) Guidance
The aim of this guidance is to provide a framework for the timely verification of expected adult deaths by experienced (assessed as competent), registered nurses (RN). Download: Registered Nurse Verification of Expected Adult Death (RNVoEAD) Guidance 5th Edition vJune 2022  
Religious needs resource
An online guide to supporting individual spiritual and religious needs assessment, in supportive, palliative and end of life care. Website
What to do after death in England and Wales
Link to website that provides practical help on what to do after a death including registering a death and making funeral arrangements. Website
What to do after death
Link to Citizen’s Advice website to describe what happens, and the things you might need to think about, after someone dies. Website
Tell Us Once
A service that lets individuals report a death to most government organisations in one go. Website
Levels of bereavement support
Link to Irish Hospice Foundation website. A pyramid that shows the three main levels of bereavement support: (1) General Support & Information, (2) Extra Support, and (3) Therapy Support. Most people coping with grief will only need level one support. NOTE-Useful video at bottom of page. Website
Bereavement Care Service Standards
A document from the ‘Gold Standard Bereavement Care Project’, which builds on the foundations laid by the earlier work, including the revision of existing standards for bereavement care.  Download: Bereavement care service standards 2014
Step 6 to do list
A checklist of actions to be completed. Download: Step 6 to do list v2
Six Steps to Learning Resources
Support sheet - What to do after death
Information on what to do when someone dies. Download: Support Sheet - What to do when someone dies v2
Care after death
A guide to care after death, including personal care after death and ongoing support of the family. Download: Care After Death vJuly 2022
Bereavement step by step checklist
This is a simple checklist from the Bereavement Advice Centre which you may find useful as a reminder of what needs to be done after someone has died. Website
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