The End of Life Partnership is currently funded by Macmillan Cancer Support to run a two year project in Central Cheshire to improve the co-ordination of care for people who are in their last year of life. The project includes people over 18 with any diagnosis or condition and includes people living in their family home or care home as well as people who are using hospice or hospital services.

Evidence shows that when someone is at the end of their life well co-ordinated care can make a big difference to the person being cared for and their family and loved ones. Co-ordinated care means that services are joined up, there is good communication between the patient, family and professionals and everyone is clear what part they are playing. Staff involved in giving care share information and expertise so that everyone involved knows what decisions the patient has made and what is important to them.

In Central Cheshire, we have a range of good services supporting people towards the end of their life. Many of the staff working within these services are very experienced and highly trained. Our project is about making the best use of the expertise and skills that we have locally to support people to have a good experience of end of life care.

For further information about the project, including details of the work we have done and our findings and recommendations, please click here, or contact the team here.