This is a confidential andfacilitated forums for ALL staff working or volunteering in health and social care to come together and to reflect on the emotional and social experiences associated with their work. During each round, and with the help from skilled facilitators, stories are told from a staff perspective.

The purpose of rounds is to understand the challenges and rewards that are intrinsic to providing care, not to solve problems or to focus on the clinical aspects of patient care.

My Menopause

Women make up over 80% of our workforce, and every woman goes through menopause at some point in their lives. Statistics suggest that around one in every three women has either experienced or is currently going through menopause – which will have an impact on both work and home lives.

Our next Schwartz Round will take place as part of East Cheshire NHS Trust “Big Conversation” and will be taking place at 12 noon on World Menopause Day, 18 October 2022.

Come and share your experiences.

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