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Volunteer Resource Pack

Volunteer Resource Pack – Supporting Loss and Grief during COVID-19

This pack contains some easy to read tips and advice for volunteers supporting people who are self-isolating and are also experiencing loss and grief throughout the Covid-19 outbreak.

Orbitas Services

Orbitas is a council-owned and controlled company. It offers a number of services including;

All About Me Booklet

The All About Me booklet has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Orbitas

These templates have been developed by EOLP to enable and empower you to think about, talk about and document important information about your life.

Our plans and wishes are more likely to be carried out if we write things down and keep it all in one place. We hope that these templates will give you peace of mind that your affairs are in order and allow your family & friends to know your future wishes.

If you require a copy of the booklet please contact

When my Dad had to go to a nursing home, the My Wishes Folder helped the staff to appreciate him as a person and ensure that they never serve him sea food!

I have a sticker on my fridge explaining where My Wishes Folder is kept.

I’ve included a family tree, photographs when I was young and my favourite joke. I have also included a love letter sent to my future wife in 1958.

I really enjoyed producing my folder. It also made it easier to talk about what the future holds for all the family.

When my circumstances changed recently, it was easy to update my folder to ensure it still reflected my wishes.