Is it time to talk?

Do you find it difficult to talk about your end of life wishes?  Or to ask your loved ones what they would want for themselves at the end of life?  Don’t worry, you are not alone. 

Starting this type of conversation can feel awkward at best, painful and sometimes even overwhelming. But if ever we needed proof that these conversations are important, Covid-19 and the harsh reality of not being able to be with our nearest and dearest during their final days, has shown us just how much it matters to plan and to talk in advance.

We know it isn’t easy, so the team at EOLP has developed a free online “All About Me” guide to get you started. Use it to store your wishes, personal information, memories, funeral plans, and much more. Perhaps even use it to start a conversation. Share it with your close friends or family and you can all have peace of mind knowing that your wishes are clear.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the mental health of many of the people around us, not just those who have lost loved ones.  If someone around you seems ‘not quite themselves’, have the courage to reach out and ask them how they are.  Sometimes even the smallest conversation can make a difference to someone’s day.

You can find the “All About Me” booklet online at Compassionate Community Resources

For information on Time to Talk Day 2021:

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