Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney

Taking five key steps can lead to peace of mind and help our family and friends who we will leave behind. Taking steps sooner rather than later means there is less to think about if our circumstances change. This brief article explains about the work of the Cheshire Living Well, Dying Well Partnership – Financial Planning Group and provides answers to some frequently asked questions about Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney. Information is also provided about how to have a Will drawn up for free in return of a charitable donation.


Photo : Alison Greatbanks and Hugh Lewis Morgan, solicitors and members of the Financial Planning Group

The Cheshire Living Well, Dying Well Partnership’s Financial Planning Group deliver a range of interventions to support a change public knowledge, attitude and behaviour towards life, age, death and loss. The group includes solicitors, funeral directors, funeral celebrants, financial advisers and Community Ambassadors. An important part of the work is to raise awareness of the importance of making a Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Making a Will is something that people often postpone, and for some, it can have a devastating effect on those left behind at a time when they are most vulnerable.