Dying Matters Awareness Week


Dying Matters Awareness Week runs during the 9 – 15 May 2016. The theme this year is the ‘Big Conversation’ and that ‘Talking about dying won’t make it happen!’

Rachel Zammit, Head of Public Health and Wellbeing for Cheshire Living Well, Dying Partnership, spoke at this year’s official launch of Dying Matters Awareness Week. Rachel explains:

“I was honoured to be able to present at this year’s conference to launch the national Dying Matters Awareness Week and have the opportunity to update people about our work in Cheshire. Hopefully, some of the examples and learning I shared has helped to inspire people to get involved and work alongside others within their communities to make a difference. Small actions can make a big difference”.

Have you plans to support Dying Matters Awareness Week 2016 where you live, work or play? Have you ideas to encourage families, friends and the wider community to talk to each other about the importance live, age, death and loss? If so, please keep us updated and let us know if we can provide support.

Please contact the Cheshire Living Well, Dying Well Partnership.

Tel: 01270 758120

Email: PublicHealth@eolp.org.uk

The Big Conversation: Awareness Week 2016 resources can be obtained from Dying Matters.