Practical Skills to support the Breathless Patient

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Who is it for?
Practitioners who care for chronically breathless patients in any care setting e.g. Nurses, AHPs, Therapists,  Health Care Assistants.
Run over 2 full days and half a day – over 3 months.
Course Overview
  • Learn about non-pharmacological management of breathlessness try out skills and apply them to your practice.
  • Normal breathing process and how it is altered by disease
  • The meaning and impact of breathlessness to the patient
  •  Teaching and learning skills – helping breathless patients to learn new techniques
  • Assessing the breathless patient – knowing when to use non-pharmacological techniques
  • Practising new skills and applying them to your work with patients
  • Anxiety, depression, panic management and the stress response
  • Supporting you to try out and use new techniques with patients


Fully funded for staff in Cheshire. £195 to all other applicants.

Course Date and Time

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