Blue Booklet 2018 Update

Click here for an overview of the new Blue Booklet

Further advice & support

Specialist Palliative Care 9-5 Mon-Fri
East Cheshire 01625 663177
Leighton Hospital 01270 612266
South Cheshire/Vale Royal 01606 544155

24 hour Hospice Advice line
East Cheshire Hospice 01625 666999
St Luke’s Hospice 01606 555489

Resources & Training
A full training plan is available at (click “Blue Booklet” on homepage)e

Where to get a copy of the new Blue Booklet

Macclesfield Hospital
Pharmacy service or Specialist Palliative Care Team

Leighton Hospital
Pharmacy service

Care Community Service Managers

East Cheshire NHS Trust Community
District Nurse Managers

Care Homes
The End of Life Partnership

St Luke’s Hospice and East Cheshire Hospices
The End of Life Partnership

GP’s or District Nurse via the Community Nurse Managers

Deborah Dent (CCICP) or her PA Kay Lisa (EAST CHESHIRE NHS TRUST)

Deborah Burgess (ECNHST) – or the named delivery contact Pauline Webb –