Care After Death

Time: Half day
Aim: Provide excellent support and care after death

Objectives: By the end of the session the domiciliary care organisation representative will be able to:
Identify good practice for care of the deceased individual
Give practical support and information to families, significant others, staff and other individuals
Respect individual faiths and beliefs to address an individual’s wishes
Have an action plan to implement a bereavement policy
Have an understanding of the theories of grief
Develop further the domiciliary care organisation End of Life Care Policy

Handouts and Leaflets
Support Sheet - What to do After Death
Information on what to do when someone dies
Download: Support Sheet - What to do After Death
Post Death Information Audit - Post-Programme
Allows the domiciliary care organisation representative to collect data continuously to audit their practice and demonstrate maintaining outcomes and measures
Download: Post Death Information Audit Tool Ongoing
Knowledge, Skills and Confidence - Post-Programme
To self-assess your current level of knowledge, skills and confidence around the core end of life topics covered in the Six Steps Programme
Download: Knowledge, Skills and Confidence - Post Programme
Other Supporting Materials
Attendance Register
A register that can be used at any events and workshops
Download: Attendance Register
Step 6 Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
An overview of step 6
Download: Step 6 Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
The Route to Success
The programme is based on The Route to Success and guides each workshop
Download: The Route to Success in Domiciliary Care
Care After Death
A guide to care after death, including personal care after death and ongoing support of the family
Download: Care After Death
What to do After Death in England and Wales
Link to website that provides practical help on what to do after a death including registering a death and making funeral arrangements
Visit the website here
Tell Us Once
A service that lets individuals report a death to most government organisations in one go
Visit the website here
Step 6 To Do List
A checklist of actions to be completed
Download: Step 6 To Do List
Workshop Evaluation Form
Provides feedback to the facilitators, which will help continually develop and improve the delivery of the programme
Download: Workshop Evaluation Form