Co-ordination of Care

Time: Half day
Aim: A system is in place to ensure coordination of care takes place

Objectives: By the end of the session the care home representative will be able to:
Identify the value of good communication within the organisation
Recognise the importance of sharing information with the wider multidisciplinary team
Explore/redefine the role of a Key Worker to include end of life care
Develop further the domiciliary care organisation End of Life Care Policy

Handouts and Leaflets
Support Sheet - Key Contacts
A template to collect information about key contacts
Download: Support Sheet - Key Contacts
Support Sheet - Supportive Care
A flow chart for supportive care (care home/sheltered housing)
Download: Support Sheet - Supportive Care
Support Sheet - Fast Track
A guide on using the NHS continuing health care fast track pathway tool
Download: Support Sheet - Fast Track
Role of the Key Worker
Guidance on the role of the key worker in relation to stages of end of live care on the North West End of Life Care Model
Download: Role of the Key Worker
Supportive Care Record
A record for the domiciliary care organisation to record and monitor patient care
Download: Supportive Care Record
End of Life Care Review Sheet
Useful guidance to providing good end of life care
Download: End of Life Care Review Sheet
Support Sheet - Communications
Information on the principles of good communication
Download: Support Sheet - Communications
Support Sheet - PREPARED
An aid to communication
Download: Support Sheet - PREPARED
Case Study - Eloise
A learning aid around communicating with a service user with heart failure. This is enhanced by a video that can be found in the ‘other resources’ section
Download: Case Study Eloise
Specific Guidance for Facilitators
Case Study with Facilitator Notes
Provides guidance to the facilitator on the case study
Download: Case Study with Facilitator Notes
Case Study Transcript
Transcription of the conversation in the video case study between the service user and care worker
Download: Case Study Transcript
Post Death Information Audit Ongoing
Allows the domiciliary care organisation representative to collect data to monitor practice throughout the Six Steps Programme
Download: Post Death Information Audit Tool Ongoing
Other Supporting Materials
Attendance Register
A register that can be used at any events and workshops
Download: Attendance Register
Step 3 Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
An overview of workshop 3
Download: Step 3 Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
The Route to Success
The programme is based on The Route to Success and guides each workshop
Download: The Route to Success in Domiciliary Care
North West End of Life Care Good Practice Guide
Provides guidance on best practice in end of life care
Download: North West End of Life Care Good Practice Guide
An Interactive Case Study - Eloise
There is a video available based on the case study of Eloise. This is in 3 sections and can be found on our YouTube site for easy access.

Download: Access the clips here

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Step 3 To Do List
Checklist of actions to be completed before the next workshop
Download: Step 3 To Do List
Workshop Evaluation Form
Provides feedback to the facilitators, which will help continually develop and improve the delivery of the programme
Download: Workshop Evaluation Form