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Rachel Zammit

Rachel AND6358

Rachel is the Head of Public Health and Wellbeing for the EOL Partnership.

Rachel’s role includes heading up the Cheshire Living Well Dying Well programme, which consists of a Programme Team, the Cheshire Living Well Dying Well Partnership and associated evaluation and research processes.

Rachel works with lots of people and organisations at all different levels aiming to enable, inspire and empower individuals, families, communities and organisations to proactively engage in the living, ageing, grieving and dying well agenda.

She has a background in public health and has experience of programme delivery and leadership within the Prison Service, NHS, police and local government. As a result of her career within the field of public health to date, she has gained valuable experience of multi-agency partnership working, commissioning and strategy development.

Rachel is currently utilising all of the above skills (and more!) leading such innovative and exciting work which aims to change public knowledge, attitude and behaviour towards life, age, death and loss.

Andrew Bennett

benno AND6294

End of Life Public Health Worker

Andrew supports the programme by developing and delivering training courses, which enable  staff and volunteers to engage and empower service users to think about, talk about and take action in relation to death, dying and loss.

He also has contributed to other parts of the programme including the development of the website and information materials.

Andrew has worked in public health for over 25 years. His work focuses on some of the biggest challenges to public health including alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, health inequalities, obesity, unintentional injuries and violence. Andrew designs and delivers health improvement programmes, which incorporate a range of approaches including behaviour change techniques; social marketing; advocacy; workforce development and research.

Gwen Hands

Gwen Hands

Volunteer End of Life Public Health Worker

Gwen chairs the Cheshire Living Well, Dying Well programme’s Financial Housekeeping Group whose purpose is to develop community resources and workshops in line with the aims of the programme. The group seeks to improve health and wellbeing by rising awareness that planning for the future gives people confidence that their wishes will be recognised. Members of the group also act as champions and ambassadors for the programme within their own organisations and communities.

Gwen worked for many years at the Citizens Advice Bureau and continues to work for them as a Trustee. She became very aware of the problems caused by bereavement when families had not given enough thought to making a will or making sure that their loved ones knew how they wished to be cared for at the end of their lives. Gwen is passionate about the aims of the programme.


Frances Underhill 

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Ruth Philp

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