"Friends against Scams"

‘Friends against Scams’ are running a one hour presentation for anyone working with vulnerable service users, those that are elderly, those with disabilities or are house bound and socially isolated. The session will give understanding to prevent the vulnerable becoming victims of scams such as cold callers, telephone scams, junk mail and so forth.

The session is followed by an overview of our Community Ambassador programme.

2:00pm - 3:30pm

9 November 2017

Winterley Grange

Wheelock Heath Business Court

Sandbach CW11 4RQ


Make A Difference Just By Talking



Many people are unprepared for their own or their loved ones death: wills have not been written and end of life plans and wishes not discussed.

Death is not an easy thing to discuss but peace of mind, quality of care and living well depend on us being able to talk about it openly and sensitively throughout the life course.

This course will enable staff and volunteers to discuss death, dying and loss and promote health and wellbeing with service users.


Taking Action



Many people are unprepared for their own or their loved ones death. Consequently, it is important that more is done to encourage the public to think about, talk about and take action in relation to death, dying and loss throughout the life course.
The course will equip staff and volunteers to raise awareness and promote action about important end of life plans and wishes with service users. The course includes information about making a will, making a funeral plan, planning future care and support, organ donation and informing family members or friends about plans and wishes throughout the life course.


Live for Today; Plan for Tomorrow Workshop



Writing a Will, Lasting Power of Attorney and sorting out your financial affairs can bring peace of mind. Doing these things throughout our life means that we are prepared if the unexpected happens. This informal and interactive course considers how to go about this and includes a question and answer session with a solicitor and financial adviser.

The course will enable members of the public to learn about what happens to their dependents, money, property and possessions after death and how Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney ensure that wishes are carried out.


Bereavement Support



Understanding the roles of individuals and agencies in the days immediately following death can help carers provide a professional and sensitive response to bereaved relatives. The course will focus on the role of the undertaker, the care of the deceased, the purpose and procedures of embalming, the preparation for the funeral, post funeral actions and much more.

It is important that staff and volunteers are able to offer comfort and support to bereaved families and friends. This course will raise awareness of the procedures following bereavement and provide the necessary knowledge and skills to offer practical advice to relatives.

This course is provided by representatives of Crewe Funeral Services in support of the Cheshire Living Well Dying Well Partnership.

This course is held at Crewe Funeral Services offices, 250 Crewe Road, Shavington, Crewe, CW2 5AQ. 



RP WR side  Talktolovedonessidebarshutterstock 122204137

Talking with loved ones and friends also means that we can share our thoughts and feelings about the future together.



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